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My Life of Crime Blog - Bonnie Kernene

My name is Bonnie Kernene and I am a true crime blogger.  My blog is at  I have been doing this since 2005 and I really like what I do.  When I started out, I was just posting stories of almost any kind, and was not very focused at all.  However, that really changed within a few months, and my focus about crime took a sharp turn.  
In July 2006, 5-year-old Destiny Norton was reported missing.  She was part of my community, so it affected me.  I wanted to help search but was unable to.  However, I paid close attention to all news reports and posted on her frequently.  Then I started to notice some patterns in comments on news forums and comment boards, and I was angry.  People were commenting on her appearance and her family’s income level.  I was outraged.  Her family’s income should not matter.  A child was missing!  She turned up dead, at the hands of a neighbor, who pled guilty and was sentenced to life without parole (Yes, I wanted the death p…

True Crime Master Gary C. King

My name is Gary C. King, and I’m an author of true crime stories and books—something I’ve been doing as a freelancer for the past 32 years or so, often between day jobs until a few years ago when I was finally able to leave the regular work force behind and work as a writer full-time.

It was around 1980 when I took over Ann Rule’s job as Pacific Northwest stringer for True Detective magazine and its affiliated “dick” books or magazines, about the time that she wrote The Stranger Beside Me, her “Ted” book about serial killer Ted Bundy. But I digress, and need to get back on target before I go on a tangent. Detectives in the early days were, of course, often referred to as dicks, both in fiction and real life. We, writers and editors alike, loved the moniker and used it frequently.
Dick books aside, I should now point out that I make no pompous or grandiose claims of literary merit regarding the stories or books that I’ve written, though readers do seem to like them, and the niche or g…

True Crime Masters at Work R. Barri Flowers Talks About His Work and The Women Condemned

True Crime Masters at Work
Good day! I'm R. Barri Flowers and I am delighted to be part of this True Crime Blog Tour with Kelly Sons,  Bonnie Kearne, and Dane Batty. As this week launches my latest true crime work, the timing couldn't be better!
I am the editor of MASTERS OF TRUE CRIME: Chilling Stories of Murder and the Macabre (Prometheus, 2102). It is a gripping anthology of seventeen stories written by an all star line-up of award winning, bestselling, and experienced true crime writers--including Harold Schechter, Katherine Ramsland, Burl Barer, Carol Ann Davis, Cathy Scott, Robert Scott, Patricia Springer, Linda Rosencrance, Robert J. Watkins, Amanda Lamb, Michele McPhee, Camille Kimball, Lee Lofland., Phyllis Gobbell, Doug Jones, and Laura James
According to criminology professor Kathleen M. Heide, MASTERS OF TRUE CRIME is "a riveting collection of short stories told by veteran crime writers. Once you begin to read this book, you will have trouble putting it down."…