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Will These Cases Be the Next Women on Death Row?

Several women are facing serious charges in the country this month. Any one of whom could go on to be convicted and given a cell on death row.

43-year-old Anna Castagna of New Jersey has been charged with first degree murder in the antifreeze poisoning death of her grandmother-in-law.
Anna and her husband had lived with hi grandmother for over a decade and she was the elderly woman's caregiver.

While the elderly woman was in a rehab center recovering from a fall, Anna visited her with a drink containing antifreeze. She drank it and went into a coma from which she never recovered. Investigators have found evidence of Anna researching the effects of antifreeze when ingested by the elderly.

There is no definite motive established yet.

Lois Ann Goodman, 70, is being arraigned for the April death of her husband this week. 80-year-old Alan Frederick Goodman was killed by bludgeoning him to death with a coffee mug. Lois is a tennis referee and while authorities have yet to disclose a motive t…