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The past months have been really busy for The Woman Condemned.

I met with the lovely Ms. Krause about a documentary she is filming about women who love men on death row. We had a lovely lunch at the Coffee Cafe and I got to talk with her about Matthew Perkins and Dane Abdool and Richard Ramirez and some of the women I know who love men like these guys and how easy, easy, easy it can be.

Matthew Perkins was given three life sentences and I cried for days over that. Sometimes the world disappoints me so bad. I started talking with Matthews family and I truly enjoy that. Just like Matthew, the ones I have met are brave and strong and loving. I hope to get to see Matthew very soon.

I sponsored the blog tour with some of today's heaviest hitters in true crime. Gary King, R. Barri Flowers, Dane Batty, Bonnie Kearnene of Bonies Blog of Crime all participated with some really great posts.  We had a good time and told a lot of great stories.

Most recently I have guest blogged on Erica Diam…

Cathy Lee Henderson's New Trial

Cathy Lee Henderson is the Texas woman wo was given the death penalty in 2004 for the death of the infant boy she was babysitting.All along she has said that it was an accident. She said she was swinging him around and dropped him onto a concrete floor. All along prosecutors have said shes a liar and all along the prosecution's star witness, Dr. Robert Bayardo, has said she was a lying bitch. Basically, anyway.

Lo and behold, new evidence has been uncovered. Dr. Bayardo has taken a look and issued a statement saying had he seen this evidence he would not have made the comments he did at the trial.Bayardo testified at a 2007 hearing that he would not have ruled the same way if he had details on the new research at the time of the trial.

Hmmm.... so now what?

Cathy's last brush with death was in 2007 where her execution was halted two days early. Bayardo's reaction to the new evidence saved her life. She has been sitting on the row ever since, with her finger up her butt, wa…