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Shawna Forde - Arizona

Shawna Forde had no chance at anything but the death penalty when she committed her crimes, the murders of father and daughter Raul and Brisenia Flores.

Shawna and her cohorts hated immigrants and belonged to a group that vowed to protect America from illegal immigration.  She  founded, and was Executive Director of the Minutemen American Defense (M.A.D.), a splinter group of  Minutemen Civil Defense Corps. Since 2007, she had been involved in vigilante activities and later joined the Minutemen Civil Defense Corps. However, she was asked to leave the organization in February 2007 after members described her as being "unstable."

She thought of herself as some type of feminine political force and even ran unsuccessfully for a seat on the Everett, Washington City Council in 2007. She had several run-ins with law enforcement throughout her life prior to her arrest for the double murder. Court records show that she served time in juvenile lock-ups for repeated convictions involv…

Janeen Marie Snyder- Californias Answer to Karla Holmolka

I am considering adding Janeen Marie Snyder to my ever growing list of inmate correspondence. She seems so much like Karla Holmolka but then quite different at the same time. She lured these women to please this man but he was considerably older than she was. Strange, indeed. Judy Neelley was in the same situation. She lured young girls to Alvin or faced severe beating.

Here is Janeen's current web page requesting a penpal.

Michael Thornton and Janeen Marie Synder murdered two young girls, 14-year-old Jesse Kay Peters and 16-year-old Michelle Curran. Both girls were abducted, sexually assaulted, and killed. They targeted young girls as sexual targets, the objects of Michael's sexual fantasies, and Janeen Synder acted as the bait to get the girls to Michael Thornton. Not unlike the Gallegos or Judy and Alvin Neelley and of course Karla and Paul Bernardo. Once she got them to him, he made sure the girls never escaped, abused and exploited them sexually, and then murdered them. …