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The Long, Arduous Journey of Debra Milke

One of the most harrowing miscarriages of justice is the case of Debra Milke. After 23 years, her death row conviction was overturned due to misconduct by lead case detective Armando Saldate, Jr.,

Misconduct, by the way, that was pointed out time and time again since day one of the investigation.
Debra was a single mom raising her son with the help of a male roommate, Jim Styers, who had been an acquaintance of her sister. Styers took four year old Christopher Milke to the local mall while Debra did laundry. He called her some time later and told her Christopher had disappeared and mall security had been alerted.

What actually happened was that Styers hatched a plan with a friend, Roger Scott, to kill the boy. After an unsuccessful search, Roger Scott was eventually arrested and implicated Styers. The boy was found in the Arizona desert face down with three bullets in his tiny head.

Debra voluntarily went to the police station during the interrogation of the two men. All police in th…