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Lisa Montgomery - Federal Inmate

I wrote to Lisa Montgomery today. I hesitated for a long time before adding her to my list of inmates. My goal in doing this in the first place is to be able to offer some kind of support to the women on death row and other inmates. I do not condone the behavior but I maintain that all humans should be treated as such.

Many times, since I have a somewhat jaded and disappointed view of our American justice system, I am more apt to believe in the underdog stories. I have seen so many cases of the woman condemned and other inmates being nothing but a victim time and again. I can see the path of destruction and the breaking point far more clear than most rural moms.

Lisa stands convicted of slicing a baby girl from her mother's belly, one Bobbie Jo Stinnett, killing her in the process. She is on death row in Texas at the Federal Medical Center.

Doctor after doctor has proven this woman suffers from excessive amounts of mental illness, some of which was traced back to head injuries in…

How to Write to a Prison Inmate

How to Write to a Prison Inmate | eHow

Very simply explained, this eHow article tells the basics of writing to a prison inmate. I get many letters each day asking for help in this arena. While I answer as many as I can, this article can help guide your way.

Write the Wrongs!

Name and Number by John Hoskison

Art student Nick Wood risks selling a few Ecstasy tablets at a party to impress friends and ends up with a two year prison sentence.

Nick hopes to spend his sentence in an open prison, the type he's read about in the papers. The ones often referred to as 'holiday camps'. Instead, his worst nightmare comes true.
Locked up in HMP Blackthorpe, a prison known for its medieval-like squalor and brutal violence, Nick lives at the mercy of the drug barons and in fear of the lifers. Constantly stalked by danger he has to find a way to survive in the prison rife with heroin.

To earn protection money he turns to the one thing he's good at - art. But can selling pictures to visitors be enough to keep the mob at bay? Or will he be made an example of by the hard men and suffer the worst type of prison punishment?

Based on the experiences of the author.


In 1994, bestselling author and top professional golfer, John Hoskison broke a lifetime rule by drinking and driving …

Helen Ford Chicago

Helen Ford may be the nation’s newest death row female.  She is accused of child abuse and neglect in the strangulation and beating death of 8 year old Gizzell Ford, apparently her granddaughter. She was arrested on July 11th, 2013, in Chicago, when the little girl was found dead in her home.
An autopsy report showed that Gizzell died of strangulation combined with blunt force trauma. There were contributing factors that point to child abuse and neglect.

It is believed there were other children in the home as well. Neighbors have described the little girl as respectful, polite and intelligent. 
Police were called to the aprtment by a 911 call stating someone wasnt breathing.  
Helen first told authorities Gizzell had hurt herself in anguish over her absentee mother. A short investigation revealed the girls obvious wounds. Ford tried to explain away the damage to the little girls body by saying she was clumsy and the mother's boyfriend had abused her. 
She then told the police th…