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Barbara Starr Smith - Mississippi

Barbara Starr Smith is the Mississippi woman that went bat-shit and killed her ex-husband, his new baby daughter and shot at his new wife. We discussed her here. She was not given the death penalty. In my opinion it was because she had never been in trouble a day in her life and also because of the reason she went bat shit.
Reports state that her husband, Romeo, (you can’t make this shit up), only married her to get a green card. Oh, and the new wife? He brought her over from Jamaica with him, calling her his sister. They lived together with Ms. Starr until said green card was obtained at which point they made a quick exit stage left.
Barbara was convicted on capital murder and given 3 life sentences.
She is inmate number 167155 at the Central Mississippi Correctional Facility.

Suzanne Margaret Basso - Texas

Suzanne Margaret Basso is scheduled for execution on February 5, 2014 in Texas. On August 26, 1998, Basso and codefendants kidnapped Louis "Buddy" Musso, a 59-year old retarded man, and intentionally caused his death by beating him with belts, baseball bats, steel-toed boots and hands and feet. Basso was the leader of the group and encouraged all the codefendants to abuse the victim.

The murder was committed for proceeds from an insurance policy on the victim (in which Basso was named the beneficiary) as well as other assets in which Basso was named heir. Basso had wooed the victim into leaving his family and friends in New Jersey and moving to Texas, under the guise that she would marry him. The victim was found in a ditch with injuries so horrendous that the body was unrecognizable.

Basso was sentenced to death in October 1999.She lost her last federal appeal in 2010.

Fallon Tallent - Tennessee

I was pregnant with my last child in the summer of 03 when I heard about Fallon Tallent. I was working online for a records retrieval company when I heard the live news report of the police chasing her at high speeds down I-40. I stopped working and stared at the screen with interest. It seemed it was a young girl, barely a woman, racing down the Interstate not 60 miles from my house.
Reports say Fallon Tallent was on the tail end of a seven day crack binge that day. She was racing through Mt. Juliet and caught the attention of the police. Her speeds reached over 100 mph and they attempted to stop her using sting strips – the spiked strips police unroll across the road to puncture tires of absconding cars.
Fallon had been caught in this manner before and when she saw the strips go down she swerved, killing two policemen that day, Sergeant Jerry Mundy and Deputy John Musice.
Fallon is big news in the convict writing world. Her romantic entanglements with Tennessee death row diva, Chri…