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Brenda Stokes Wilson- Nevada

I have been scouring the Internet for information on what happened to Brenda. I have to agree with those of the mind that she is insane. There was no reason for her to do what she did. No evidence pointed out a clear path for her to take, even if she had simply been a love-sick, jealous, psychopath.

She imagined it all.

Let me remind you about Brenda.
She thought her boyfriend was cheating on her with another blackjack dealer at the Bellagio Casio, in Las Vegas. She was so angry about this she took the little girl, her boyfriends daughter, into the desert on the ruse of Christmas shopping and stabbed her to death.

Soon after she stabbed young Jade she returned to the casino and slashed the face of her perceived love rival, Joyce Rhone. 

They charged her with murder but I cant find any recent articles, anyone know?