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La Donna Curry and Audreianna McNeil Illinois

La Donna Curry and Audreianna McNeil are in some deep shit. La Donna was involved with the popular Chicago party promoter, John "Fuzzy" Atkins and after realizing how much he was worth, talked her buddy Audreianna into coming up with a plan to kill him.

"Fuzzy," was a popular club promoter who hosted parties at trendy nightclubs for celebrities, including comedian Kevin Hart, Floyd Mayweather and singer Chris Brown. He also made guest appearances on Chicago radio WPWX Power 92 to promote his shows.

La Donna and Audreianna met Fuzzy at Club Adrianna on a Friday night in 2013, afterwich they convinced him to go with them to a house to party. Once they arrived there, two men the girls had hidden in the back of the house emerged. The two women left Fuzzy there where he was tied up, robbed and shot.

The two pair met up later at Fuzzy's house and burned his ID and cards in his wallet. They drove his car to a vacant lot and set it on fire.