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Christina Tompkins Marcum - Kentucky

Ms. Marcum is accused in the murder and dismemberment of her boyfriends wife. This case is chillingly similar to Amanda Hayes in North Carolina. While Amanda and her husband were in cahoots in their murder, Christina claims abuse, torture and coercion in her case.

Jury selection began Monday for the trial of the 2011 indictment stating Christina and Jason Singleton killed his wife, Angela Singleton, and destroyed her body afterward. Jason received a 30 year sentence for the murder in 2013. Christina is also charged with tampering with evidence and hindering prosecution.

Christina says she is innocent. Her co-defense counsel has stated that there will be no plea deal, stating "We're not pleading guilty. She didn't do anything. ...You don't plead guilty when you didn't do anything."
Her defense states that she suffers from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder as a result of the tremendous abuse she suffered at the hands of Jason.

The prosecution says they will negat…

New Jodi Arias News - Supporters Abound on Social Media

Veronica Gonzalez - California

Veronica  and her husband, Ivan, are both in jail and awaiting death for the murder of her niece, Genny. Veronica and Ivan were granted custody of Genny while her mother went into a drug treatment center and her father spent time in jail for child molestation.

The Gonzales's already had six children of their own but took in Genny,
seemingly to abuse. Jurors and policemen and others involved in the case tell tales of the most horrific child abuse they have ever seen. Genny was beaten, abused and starved before being boiled alive at the hands of Aunt Veronica and Uncle Ivan.

Veronica's death sentence was handed down in 1998. She is still sitting on death row and she maintains that her husband was abusive beyond imagining and forced her to comply.