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Historic Females in Crime - Anna Antonio

We in this country make horror spectacles out of murder cases, especially when the condemned killer is a woman. We drag the thing out. We sob and wring our hands. … We play cat and mouse with the {condemned}, until we have reduced her to the last extremity of woe; then we kill her.” I found this quote extremely interesting. It came from The NY Daily News after the execution of a woman. People often have this reaction to American serializing of murder and mayhem in our midst. We are societal monsters ourselves, always searching out more info on the sickest of our countries crimes and then bemoaning our outrage as we deny the irony in ourselves. Other countries snicker at our third world justice system and gangland tactics but we soldier on, oblivious to our own ridiculousness.

What is really interesting about the Daily News quote above is it was printed in 1934 after the execution of Anna Antonio. All these years later and still we flounder in our sickness.

Anna was an abused wife. Sh…

Tiffany VanAlstyne New York

Nineteen year old Tiffany VanAlstyne of Berne, New York, has murdered her five year old cousin, Kenneth White. She strangled him in her parents home, who had been caring for the young boy. She disposed of his body along a roadside and then staged a fake crime scene and called 911. Her story was was that two masked intruders broke in and kidnapped the boy. 

The police began a search last Thursday evening which ended when dogs picked up the boys scent around 9 p.m. They discovered his body covered in snow in a culvert. As police continued to question VanAlstyne her story made less and less sense every time she told it.

She was officially charged and stayed completely silent during her arraignment on Friday. 

Tiffany's parents had custody of the little boy and his two sisters. It is unclear, as of yet, why. She has been diagnosed as bipolar previously.

Amy Lynn Bates - Tennessee

Very little information has been revealed in the case of Amy Lynn Bates. For reasons not yet uncovered or reported Amy Bates shot Paul Bryan Rector in the head late December 16th in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The house was full of other people, but no one is talking yet. 
After she shot him, she set the house on fire. Apparently she felt everyone in the home would be understanding because she alerted them to what she had done and told them the house was on fire. The witnesses saw flames emerging from her bedroom and called police.
Amy ran out the back door but was soon apprehended by police. She appeared in court last week, but it was postponed until January 6th. Perhaps more details will be released then.