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Jessica Burlew Arizona

Jessica Burlew, 16, diagnosed with schizophrenia and autism, had a 43-year-old boyfriend, a one Mr. Jason Ash. Her mom, Tracey Woodside, knew all about it and often left the couple in her apartment alone to have sex. Ahem. Questionable decision, Mom.

Early January 2014, as the Goth couple had rough but apparently consensual sex, Jessica strangled Jason to death with an electric cord because he didn't say the safe word. He also had been cut several times which Jessica says she did with a razor in an attempt to revive him.

He seemed to be an overgrown kid. “i like to dissect girls ... did you know i’m utterly insane?” he wrote on social media just five days before his death.

This girl reminds me so much of Alyssa Bustamante. She sees herself as a Goth kid and posted pics
of herself in black clothes, piercings and weird, thick makeup.  Her YouTube videos are full of her own songs about death, decaying bodies and morbid topics. On a website called Vampire Freaks, Burlew went by the moniker “soultaker11” and she posted pictures of herself with different hairstyles and colors. She lists herself as 19 years old and as “pansexual.”

She called her mother at some point after the killing and told her it was an accident. She has been arrested and charged as an adult with first degree murder. Her mother has told reporters that it was an accident. I am wondering why she isn’t being treated as a victims since she was having sex with a 43 year old man. That’s statutory rape, ladies and gents. The age of consent in Arizona is 18. I also wonder if the mother will be brought up on child neglect or anything like that.

I think this is pretty obviously a case of an abused and neglected girl who doesn't have the life skills to make practical decisions. If her mom thought it was OK for her to date and have sex with a 43 year old Goth kid, I dont think this girl has ever had a chance. I found this support site for her that has many details of her life. Check it out. Free Jessie