Please keep in mind that this blog often has comments and statements directly from the women on death row. Statements of grief, statements of innocence, statements of regret and sorrow. If bearing audience to these women's feelings, my opinions or those of commenters offends you please do not read on.

Darlie Routier Texas

I was contacted by a penpal of Darlie Routier's who gave me some of the most recent advances in her case to share with you all.

I began writing to Darlie in December of 2005 and she is one woman whom I will never understand how she got behind bars. Really. You know what else? With all the information ALREADY out there about this case, in addition to the newly discovered info, I think if you can't see this poor woman's innocence, you may just be an asshole.

So many legal flubs, so much question and police innuendo that turned out to be nothing. So many fingers pointed and road blocks thrown up, I am surprised this case isn't used in other countries to point to the clusterfuck we call a justice system.

 I believe Darlie could have been released ages ago if the state had done the necessary DNA testing. Sadly, Texas has tried to stop it in every unconstitutional way they could pull out of a bull's ass. BUT- there is hope on the horizon.

This from Camp Darlie:

 Right now we are in dire need of donations.  That is the biggest thing (as always).

The courts had previously ruled against Darlie on DNA testing.  BUT, since the Michael Morton Act, we can FINALLY (legally - by law) have some of these items tested for DNA that we requested YEARS ago.
But here comes the hiccup, of course...  The State's labs supposedly "do not have the technology" needed to do some of the requested DNA analysis.  So, therefore, we have to have a hearing, and prove to the same already prejudice Dallas courts that the requested DNA will "most likely result in her exoneration."  Interesting to note:  Texas just ruled AGAINST Rodney Reed, who is now set to be executed in weeks, on the same type of motion.
Donations can be made through

SO, there you have it folks. Texas knows full well they are executing innocent people. I have said for years they keep Darlie locked up because they KNOW they screwed the pooch on this one.

Mark my words, this lady will be free some day and Texas will hear her roar.