Please keep in mind that this blog often has comments and statements directly from the women on death row. Statements of grief, statements of innocence, statements of regret and sorrow. If bearing audience to these women's feelings, my opinions or those of commenters offends you please do not read on.

Getting it Out There Any Way She Can

I have written to Eileen Huber for about a year now. She is one of the most amazingly inspirational women I have ever met. She fully admits her part in the california mall killings of the 80's and not a day goes by that she does not try to do something in her life to make up for her part in the deaths of all those people.

Her biggest sadness in life is seeing young women, younger even than she when her crimes happened, enter the prison system. She gives each and every one she meets her all in trying to teach them the error of their ways and send them back on the street with a knowledge so profound they are guaranteed to never come back. She longs, however, for a way to reach the girls BEFORE they have to share a cell with her.

Back in September I was invited to appear at the Dark History convention in Rantoul, Il. It was there I met another guest, the indomitable Mr. Charles D. Moisant of Silver Phoenix Entertainment. He makes comic books that rock the world. It didnt take long before we were discussing Eileen and her journey to touch the hearts of throw away girls and teens on a self destructive mission.

I sent him a copy of Eileen's own memoirs and he's very interested in moving forward. Im waiting to get Eileens reaction to our most recent conversation. I know she will be thrilled. It is a dream come true for her and hopefully, a nightmare come to an end for many girls on the edge.

So, now that you know, you  must also know Ill be asking for your support with this project in the coming year. Stay tuned. We are about to do something amazing here!!

The amazing Mr. Moisant behind my BF and I at the conference.