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Cold Case: Brenda Banaski Missing Teen

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Let me begin this sordid tale by saying that I 100% believe in Darlie Routier's innocence. Not because of any friendships or online relationships but because in 2005 I read a book about her and it just didnt add up for me. I wrote to her and we corresponded and I did some more research. The more I read the more it just didn't fit. Shes innocent.
I dont post much about Darlie for a number of reasons, but mainly because she has an avid support group and doesn't need me. The women I correspond with most often have no one. They fight for their lives alone.

If you scroll down you'll find a few posts put up earlier in the year about some good news in Darlie's case and some facts about her defense. This is important stuff that needs to be out there because this womans life is on the line with some very questionable activity in the spotlight of her trial. We have more than enough reason to assume some fuckery took place with the prosecution and the evidence.

That being said, there are a few gals in the same prison as Darlie who I have had a relationship with for many years. I wrote and spoke to Kimberly McCarthy many times before they killed her. She was a funny lady with a lot to say about the civil rights era. I currently write to a few women in that prison. I send them books, educational information, crafts and supplies and sometimes money when someone donates. Sometimes I write about them here if they ask me too, as Darlies penpal did for her.

A few weeks ago I started to receive letters from these gals, one at a time, all pissed off at me for posting the Darlie information. They don't believe her story fits my theme here. Heres where it gets tricky for me. I dont want to be detrimental to Darlie's case, thats not what I'm here for. But these women, the women who live with her, have some pretty detrimental views on what she does and says that the rest of us arent privy too. They have all written letters with some wild accusations, asking me to make them public and expose what they feel is wrong.

Staying true to my girls could mean putting another woman's life in deeper shit.
Not doing what they ask means breaking a trust Ive spent years building and is the only constant in many of their lives.

On a closing note, let me say that Ive temporarily blocked most of the past posts on women from that prison so people cannot go through and figure out who the letters are from. You would not believe the amount of people with such shitty lives their idea of fun is to start shit with a bunch of women inmates.


  1. Don't get a swelled head Kelly, I wouldn't want you to have difficulty fitting through the door :) ,but I commend you for what you do and for taking the unpopular approach.

    While I am not a member of any specific crime blog, I have seen many that have a multitude of agendas. One so much went as far to carry on a tirade of comments about someone who has become a very good friend of mine. I was pissed off and so was she!

    My take is, if someone doesn't have an opportunity to defend themselves (if they so choose) then its morally wrong and needs to be left alone.

    I am not sure what was sent to you. I don't need to know. But whatever it was, I am sure it goes against the integrity of everything you stand for. Integrity…there's a rare concept. It's something most people don't have anymore.

    I have told (let's call her Makayla) about your blog and she has such a negative perspective on crime blogs in general because of all the slander and defamation of character that has transpired and the webmaster allowed to occur by publicizing all comments that needed to be screened first.

    I am going to use this recent post, not so much as PR for you, but to let Makayla know, not everyone out there is focused on their own selfish needs and how they can profit from it.

    1. Sadly enough the justice system is so flawed your best defense at receiving justice is based on your pocketbook!

  2. I really dont know where your going with that big head comment and Im not sure I appreciate it but I do appreciate you understanding the reasons behind my not publishing the letters.

  3. Another thing I find strange is that Camp Darlie was mre than helpful when they wanted me to post their info but I delayed this post by a week waiting for them to get back to me. Which she never did. I wanted to discuss this info with her first but she wasnt interested, I guess. In light of this, I wonder if I should just go ahead and publish them. They dont seem to care.

    1. Don't publish! It will discredit you in the light of other readers!

  4. Kelly - as you just said above, prison life is a completely different world than the one that we are living in. Darlie Lynn gets more mail than anyone in there. Yes, she does have a large support group, which, I'm sure, is offensive to some of the women in there that don't have that kind of support.

    So because a handful of women that are on DR with Darlie, write you a letter and say things about her, that just automatically makes them true???

    Do the statements have anything to do with the murders of her children, and/or the attack on HER? If NOT, then I don't think you should publish anything, as it is nothing but gossip - and PRISON gossip, at that. I could tell you things *I* have heard about some of the women you correspond with, too... But what is the point? I'd like to think that I have more "class" than that.

    Now - I am "camp Darlie" as referred to above. I am very sorry, but, unfortunately, LIFE happened to me. February 27th at noon my job ended. I walked out with my attorney employer, as he closed the office doors permanently due to cancer complications. Then I couch hopped for a couple weeks at night, while working manual labor 12 hours a day, literally CONSTRUCTING everything BUT the bare shell of a small apartment I'm now living in. About 12 full days of 12-14 hour days. I had no internet. No computer. Just my phone with sketchy phone service.

    Now in anticipation of this, I DID update my Facebook page, SEVERAL times, that I was AWOL, and WHY I was AWOL. When you didn't get a response to the message that you sent me on FB, did you bother to even check my PAGE and see WHAT was going on?

    It's easier to believe I just up and decided to blow you off for some unknown reason; than to think that maybe, just maybe, this chick in "camp Darlie" had to take a time out to deal with her OWN life????? Geesh...

    I sent you a PM in reply on FB, even though you are apparently so upset over this that you unfriended me.

    Frankly, I feel as though I should be saying "I'm sorry." But for WHAT? "I'm sorry that I lose my job, my home, my independence, and, that my former boss is now on Hospice.......?"

    Good grief.

    What is it that you want to talk to me about????? I JUST got the computer and internet set up yesterday.

    Again - I don't go posting every bad thing I hear from the rumor mill at Mountainview... And I'd hope that you would surely NOT do so, either.

    As for Darlie's case, there just are no updates TO tell right now, other than we have the exact figure we are looking for to START the requested DNA testing, which is $15,500.00. We've been sharing that link to try to get the testing done to SAVE HER LIFE. Everything other than that, had to take the back seat for the last month of my life.

    I apologize if this was inconvenient.

    We still do not have an air date for the show that will air on CNN. Although I just confirmed with one of the producers (that I hadn't talked to in weeks, either, I might add...) that the show is DONE. They are wanting to do some promo stuff for the show in general (not just Darlie's episode). They don't have an air date yet, but will let us know as soon as they do.

    Take care and don't be so quick to jump to conclusions. I am not hiding anything from you, nor is "camp Darlie." I simply had life blow up in my face and had to deal with finding a roof over my head - literally...

    The choice is yours. But do you want your page to be about getting HELP for these women, or prison gossip?

  5. The last thing I need is advice from you Stephanie. Seriously. You are not Darlies only penpal nor where you the person I was referring to as Camp Darlie.

  6. Kelly Stephanie is family to them and even though she is a supporter and we definatley differ on that subject i find her to be a nice person and a decent and determined young a non supporter I get crap for just saying that it is what it is..The supporters always say We ll her family knows her better then anyone...I feel like the inmates around her kknow her pretty well and I would be interested in some names I can write to and ask..I will have no problems publishing their responses on my pages about Darlie....we were just talking about this in my groups...i have spoke to the warden there on several occasions. Im being accused of the recent call to the warden about a strip search and cell overturning because Darlie was reported to have a cell phone..wasnt me but If i thought she had one I would not might as well post those letters and beat me to the punch if you want some interesting letter talk write to Phil Adams hunstville inmate hes got some juicy letters from Darlie

    1. Lemme know what you hear back from these gals Bryan ;)

  7. I can also vouch for Steps recent trials and tribulations as she wrote here..she made it through...

  8. Hi Bryan. Thanks for contributing to this thread so much. Try some of the others. Theres a lot more interesting cases here than Darlie. Stephanie is great. She just is in no position to be handing out advice or grandstanding ATM. I wanted to print the letters. I did. Part of why I do this is to show what life is like for these women in prison and those letters certainly show their daily struggle. They want them published so Im sure youll have no trouble getting someone to write and tell you whatever you want to hear. However, at the end of the day the last thing I want to do is jeopardize one of these girls cases and that very well could happen to Darlie or even one of the aggressors. Im electing to keep them under wraps for now and Im diligently working to calm everyone the fuck down. Thanks again for contributing.

  9. Kelly,

    I really fail to see what your beef is with me.

    You have been corresponding with Darlie Lynn off and on for years. You told me so in our first email, which I still have a copy of as well. Darlie Lynn asked me to check out your site, and I did. I gave you the current status of the case and you asked me about posting a blog. I replied and gave the "go ahead."

    Your original blog, and "this from camp Darlie" was a direct quote out of my email to you.

    Why you are now stating that you were not referring to me, is a mystery to me.

    Regardless, I wish no ill will toward you, or any of the other ladies on Death Row. I advised Darlie Lynn of what was going on, and she asked me to thank you for the "heads up," but she's not really concerned about it - as there is a lot of drama that happens within prison walls - and she just tries to stay out of it.

    Bryan - thanks for sticking up for me. If you want to talk to these women, it shouldn't be hard. Just write to the other 6... I'd be really interested in seeing their responses, as well...

    Honestly, I'd be surprised if you got a reply from any of these women, complaining about Darlie Lynn. You'll have to let me know what you hear...

    Honestly? It seems like somebody is trying to stir the drama pot; and it's not me. And again, honestly? I don't think it's any of the other 6 women on DR, either...

    Your communications now, Kelly, sure are different than our original email. Hmm. I fail to understand what happened here, but have more important things to do than sit here pondering why.

    Best wishes to you, and all 7 women on Texas Death Row.



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