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A Member of our Family Needs Help

I like to think of us all as a big family here at Woman Condemned, my readers, the prisoners and moi. Some of you have donated to the prisoner funds and to the blog upkeep along the years. Yesterday a reader reached out to me for help.

Charlotte is a fan of my books and a true crime enthusiast. She is also a daughter, friend and lastly, a  beaten and abused wife. Like many in her shoes, Charlotte endured the abuse for years before leaving, only to move on to a relatives home where she is now emotionally abused and berated. Leaving everything she had in the marital home in order to escape on the spur, she now has nothing and is stuck in an equally abusive situation.

She needs help to get on her feet and live a life that any woman deserves. Even a $5 donation can help. Please consider donating to this woman's cause and helping her start a life without pain.

Free Autographed Copy of my New Book!! Shirely Turner, Doctor, Stalker, Murderer

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Female Inmate Turns Comic Book Hero

I'm very pleased to say Eileen Huber is on her way to making one of her dreams a reality. I was lucky enough to make the acquaintance of Silver Phoenix Comics Publisher Charles D. Moisant when I was a guest at the Dark History Convention last September. He decided we should work together and I wholeheartedly agreed and immediately thought of Eileen.

Eileen was involved in the 1991 mall killings in California. Afraid of the violent man she was with and abused herself, she went along on a robbing and killing spree with her older boyfriend. She was basically a child when she committed her crimes and has grown up in prison. She works daily to make amends for her wrongs and change the world just a tiny bit in whatever way she can. She has long dreamed of helping teen girls in group homes and reformatories. She hopes to deter them from living the life she did.

After a few conferences with Charles we finally got the ball rolling and Eileen is busily planning out her script and storyboar…

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