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Iowa Woman Receives Commendation but Denied Release


IOWA CITY, Iowa (AP) — The parole board, not a judge, must decide whether to release a woman who has been rehabilitated in prison after killing a man in 1987 when she was a teenager, the Iowa Supreme Court ruled Friday.

Even as it praised her remarkable turnaround, the court overturned a judge's order that would have let Yvette Louisell immediately out of the women's prison in Mitchellville. Now her fate rests with the Iowa Board of Parole, which has refused to release other inmates who were juveniles when they committed killings despite pressure from courts to consider doing so.

The ruling disappointed Louisell's supporters and sentencing reform advocates, who argue she's exactly the type of reformed offender who should no longer be behind bars.

Now 44, Louisell was a bright but troubled 17-year-old Iowa State University student when she stabbed 40-year-old K…