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Michelle Byrom is Free from Mississippi Death Row

I sat down with Michelle Byrom to enjoy a lovely lunch at Five Senses restaurant in Murfreesboro, Tn. My assistant, Michelle Daniels, and I were so excited to be her first real friends on the outside. We spent three hours learning of the hell she went through and the plans she is making for the future.

Michelle was accused of the murder of her husband Edward Byrom Sr. If you watch the ID Channel, you've no doubt heard all the sordid details of the the well-to-do couple in their huge home in Mississippi. The one that held a secret sex/bondage room where he subjected her to untold indecencies. Sadly, most of the ID channels take on Michelle's case is untrue.

While edward Sr. was abusive and doled out beatings by the handful, there was no sex room. Just a cache of X-rated films he taped himself from other films. According to Michelle, she didn't mind. It kept him busy and away from her and her son Ed jr. The home wasn't a majestic mansion but just a small one story in an…