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Surprise! Way Super Cool Stuff Coming in January!

When all the wrapping paper is cleared away and there are no more gifts to be given- There are some  freebies, give-away's and contests for some pretty awesome prizes all throughout January! You'll get a chance to win a personal Q&A with one of the women on death row or LWOP that cooperates with The Woman Condemned, artwork and gifts from them, a 15 minute Skype call with me, an autographed copy of my book, Shirley Turner- Doctor, Stalker, Murderer, 
Still working out the details so stay tunes and check the Facebook group for updates.

Jennifer Meyer, A Close Friend of Accused Killer Alyssa Bustamante Talks...


Tiffany VanAlstyne Strangled Her 5 YO Cousin - Update

Tiffany VanAlstyne plead guilty to the strangulation death of her fiver year old cousin Kenneth in New York in November of 2015. She is savagely bipolar and was prescribed lithium but had not been taking it. 

She explained that she had been helping him with his homework and he just couldn't get it. No way she tried to explain things to him would register. She said she remembers feeling very frustrated with him and then nothing. When she came to her hands were around his throat and he was dead. 

She dumped his body in a culvert and covered it in snow. When she got back to her trailer she called 911 with a story that two masked intruders broke in and took him. Her story changed slightly every time she told it and it wasn't long before she confessed. 

She plead guilty to second-degree murder and will be sentenced in January. She faces up to 18 years.

17 YO Female Killer of 8 YO girl Speaks Out

TerriLynn McClintic is the young woman, who with her male accomplice, lured a small 8 year old blonde haired beauty of a child and drove away with her where she was tortured raped and killed.

TerriLynn knew the family and it didn't take long to follow the surveillance cameras straight to her front door. She admitted to her crimes readily, taking responsibility for the abduction and nothing else.

Slowly, as time in jail took a toll on her, her mind made the inevitable conclusion that "this was all real". It was really happening. Despite being raised as almost feral, spending her entire life fighting tooth and nail for survival, she slowly began to realize that life didn't have to be that way. It's hella confusing that she first witnessed happiness in life only after receiving a life sentence. Where was Canada Child Services when young TerriLynn was learning her survival skills? The life skills she had to learn for survival are vastly different than the rest of us.…