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Killer Letter Give-Away

LeMaricus Davidson

When people learn what I do, they are either confused or curious. The reaction is immediate. They either want to know why in the name of Hell I would be doing such crazy shit or they want to know everything I know and start throwing names of notorious criminals at me like I was the school principal in the homecoming dunking booth.

 One thing everyone wants to know is what it's like to get to know these people, develop relationships, sit in the same room, talk on the phone. It's hard to imagine these monsters doing mundane tasks like the rest of us. We imagine they spend their time in jail plotting evil and reliving their horrendous deeds over and over. Some do, but even they must learn to live life locked away. For me,  it has always been about recognizing their humanity. Not for them, or some great humanitarian reason, but because it makes them more real to me. I can see them for who they are easier if I recognize they are only human and not some evil entity from a horror flick. I seek out these people because it takes some of the scare away for me. I am not afraid of everything that goes bump in my night.

I am so often surprised by what I find when I take the time to develop deeper relationships with our nation's most notorious. I always learn something. My world grow a little wider and I become a better person. I learn from their mistakes and their life's stories. I see the real people behind the headlines and its often a life changing event. One such incident occurred recently while working on my next book, Voices From Death Row from RJ Parker Publishing. One of the chapters is about Le Maricus Davidson of the Knoxville TN Newsom/Christian murders. You can get caught up here if you don't know the case. Its a rough one, look out. Go ahead. I'll wait.

I began writing him early this year to see if he'd cooperate on the book. I wanted badly for him to say something to me that could explain the horror of what hes accused of.  Back and forth we exchanged letters but he never explained anything. The one thing he did say I put in the book. When we first began talking, I told him I was terrified of him. He assured me there was nothing to be afraid of. As we became closer I realized a lot about him. LeMaricus is smart. Hes handsome. Hes ambitious. Hes also very clever.  A lot of people want to say that his crimes were racially motivated but I don't believe that. What happened to Channon and Chris was one of the most horrific things I have ever heard. But it wasn't racially motivated and Le Maricus Davidson is not the only one to blame.

I cant tell you everything. I wouldnt sell a single book and RJ would kick me to the curb, but I can tell you this. You will probably learn something from LeMaricus too.

I hope you'll look for my new book coming soon and tell me what you think of LeMaricus and the rest of the book. 


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