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Evidence of a Violent History

Collecting Murderabilia I am always rather surprised to see someone with an adverse reaction to murderabilia, serial killer art, prison art etc. To me, it is no different than any other historical artifact. Collecting of letters, artwork and oddities from notorious killers is just another hobby no different in gruesome value than taxidermy. People collect everything from Nazi and Holocaust evidence, to pieces from the World Trade Center and Columbine High School. We have become a society so numbed by constant exposure, holding authentic artifacts from some of the country's biggest tragedies can help to connect us emotionally to the trauma our brothers and sisters who are affected are feeling. It can also be a way to keep the victims of these tragedies forever in the public eye.

Wanting to hold, experience, and even own some inanimate object from a crime scene, tragedy, or disaster is not as strange as it sounds. In fact, it is a thriving industry. Conventions, seminars, and lectu…

Contest Winner

We have a contest winner. I want to thank everyone who participated, There were more entries than I expected. I hope our winner will come by and share her thoughts on her prize. I will be running another give away in about 2 weeks. I think its going to be a lot of fun. I hope you will keep reading, and come by to participate.