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Contribute to an ID Channel Show!

Early this month I was contacted by a gentleman working on an installment of the new show, Stanger Among Us on ID about the Turtle Tibbs story. He is interested in talking with anyone who knew the women involved, specifically before the murder took place.

Many people have contacted me over the years pertaining to these women, Stacey Hanna, and her tragic and senseless murder. Unfortunately, the contact info I have is out of date. If you have knowledge of this case and would like to participate, please send me a quick email.

Keep your eyes peeled for more announcements like this. I am working with two other production companies who are also developing stories and will need participants soon.

I love hearing from you guys, so drop me a line with any comments, questions, or requests for inmates.

Go to Play, End up as Prey - Gory Spring Break Murders

What was once the sole domain of American college kids, Spring Break has stretched its sandy fingers into other age brackets not only in the states, but abroad. Spring break is the term given to a short vacation taken at the beginning of spring. It is usually to some warm, tropical climate and is most often associated with copious amounts of alcohol, drugs, partying, and sex. It is also quickly becoming associated with kidnapping, rape, and murder as more and more criminals are taking advantage of spring breakers who are young, drunk, and on their own for the first time. There were 14 murders in Cancun, Mexico in less than 36 hours during spring break 2018. While we await the horrors of spring break 2019, here’s a look back on some of the most horrific murders of spring.
Christine Lazzaro Christine was partying it up in Dayton Beach in 1993. She hit several night clubs the evening of April 10th and was never seen alive again. There was nothing for cops to go on, other than a vague descr…