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Daycare Murders

Is there anything more vile than a group of adults joining together to dole out and hide abuse against children? Especially when they are adults who have been specifically trusted with the welfare of kids. Healthcare workers, daycare staff, babysitters, and nannies - people we trust with all our heart to love and nourish them just as we would, seem to deliver a double tragedy when they are the ones who harm our babies.

I was looking through todays news stories for something to post. Finding bad girls, or those accused of badness, isn't as hard as some may think. Although there are plenty every morning, most kill for love or money, some for mental illness such as PPD or Munchausen by proxy.

I present to you today, casual crime reader, with cases of daycare abuse and murder. I found several in todays headlines, including one featuring an 11-year-old babysitter in Maryland who just last week killed a one year old relative.

Back in November, a 10-year-old Minnesota girl killed an infant in her care. She's been charged as an adult.
She claims to have panicked after dropping him, then smashing his head when he wouldn't stop crying.

These oh-so-young babysitter scenarios are almost understandable. Not so much understandable, but we can see how it might occur. It is those situations where trusted adults willfully harm infants and small children that are the most heart wrenching for me.

A second daycare worker, Ariana Silver, in Missouri has now been arrested in multiple abuse claims in Pine Lawn. Surveillance cameras show Silver, and another woman, throwing children into furniture. She was charged Thursday.

  Jessica Wiese has eight counts of child abuse against her stemming from an incident at a McKinney, Texas daycare.
The incidents include a 7-month-old with a broken arm and video of Wiese hitting an infant repeatedly in the head. Wiese was arrested in December after video from inside the school recorded her slamming a 5-month-old baby onto a table. There’s also video of the infant room worker grabbing a 2-month-old by his legs and shaking him up and down and Wiese forcefully slamming a toddler into a table.Wiese was a registered nurse who lost her license due to drug abuse.

That's just today, you guys. I'm sure, if I'd dug further there would have been more. What is happening in our daycare facilities. Is there anything we can do to ensure our children's safety?


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