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Margie Thompson Killed Her BFs Mom and Gpa in Indiana

Indiana state troopers and Dearborn County detectives found the bodies of Walter Bryant Jr., 78, and his daughter Faith Craig, 58, inside their Douglas Drive home as they conducted a welfare check Jan. 19. An investigation quickly pointed to Faith Craig's son, Cody Booth and his girlfriend, Margie Thompson. Police began searching for them and found them in Kentucky.

Booth told police he woke up dope sick that Wednesday morning, along with his girlfriend Margie, and the only thing he had on his mind was getting money and more drugs to keep them from getting sicker. He admitted to killing his mom and grandfather, who was a decorated vet. They stole money, military medals, and jewelry.

His first plan was to strangle his mom. He crept up behind her as she sat in her favorite chair. He had a belt in his hand but lost his nerve. He sat in her lap. He told her he loved her. He told her he was struggling. She must have felt his madness slipping in because she told him he was about to do something he didn't really want to, that he would regret. He told her she was right and then put her in a headlock. She tried to scream for her dad, but he closed his hand over her mouth. She bit his fingers to the bone.

Cody yelled for Margie to get a knife. She did and carried it to her boyfriend as he fought to restrain his mother. Things get a little confusing here, as both of the accused has said the other one did the stabbing.

They left Faith's body in the basement where police later found her, still in her chair. Cody had asked his grandfather, Walter, for money earlier in the morning. He said no and suggested Cody and Margie go to a detox facility.  Walter had just finished taking off the trash and was washing up for a coffee date with friends. Cody lured him to the basement stairs and shoved him with all his might. Walter tumbled to the ground and laid on his face moaning. Margie came down and stabbed him until the moaning stopped.

The deadly couple left with money and jewelry to find drugs. They returned later to gather more things to sell and pawn.
Booth told police he "put a marker in Faith's hand and wrote a bullshit note about them having Booth," implying he intended it to look like a kidnapping. The knife stayed in Walter's chest until that return trip, Booth said. He rinsed it and hid it under the basement freezer. Later that afternoon, they went to a friend's house in Cincinnati. Booth and Thompson tried cashing a $1,000 check that Booth wrote to Thompson on Bryant's account, but the bank wanted more verification. At some point, Booth said, they made yet another trip to the house, raiding it for items to sell for drug money. While they were there, Faith's husband Daniel pulled in the driveway. Booth told detectives he went downstairs, dialed *67 to call Daniel Craig and claimed he needed a ride from somewhere in Lawrenceburg. He said he was trying to lure Daniel Craig away from the home so he and Thompson wouldn't be caught that night.

Booth also told detectives he wrapped Bryant in a blanket and tried to take him upstairs, but he couldn't lift the body. He claimed the plan was to put his dead grandfather and mother into his grandfather's red car and dump it into the Ohio River. Instead, they took Bryant's televisions and headed toward the Markland Dam, then toward Cincinnati "to avoid detection," according to the affidavit. At a friend's house in Cincinnati, Booth traded one TV for $50 and "a gram." On Friday, he bought more drugs.

Later, they pawned three of Bryant's golf clubs for $50. That Friday afternoon, they drove to Booth's father's home in Somerset. Booth got $230 from his father, and they came back to Cincinnati to buy more drugs, the affidavit says. Then they spent the night at a Super 8 in Florence.
Dearborn County deputies went to the home Jan. 19 to check on Bryant, since he hadn't been seen for a few days. Booth said he found out on the Saturday morning news that
police found the bodies.  So he and Thompson decided to "hit the road," he told detectives. They stopped at the first rest area in Northern Kentucky and threw away a checkbook, garage door opener and other property.

While they were driving, Booth said he knew police were onto them: He talked to his father, who was crying. Police eventually caught up to them in Kentucky. Booth was driving his grandfather's red car, and Thompson was in the passenger seat. At first, she claimed she wasn't involved at all, then later claimed they stabbed Craig and Bryant together. According to the affidavit, she led police to the items they'd tossed out at the rest stop.

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