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All these women are housed in Alabama's
8966 US Hwy 231 N
Wetumpka, AL 36092

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Louise Harris-
The story is that Louise Harris was married to the victim, a deputy sheriff, and was also having an affair with Lorenzo McCarter. She asked McCarter to find someone to kill her husband, and McCarter to that end approached a co worker, who refused and reported the solicitation to his supervisor. McCarter then found willing accomplices in Michael Sockwell and Alex Hood, who were paid $100 and given a vague promise of more money upon performance. On the appointed night, as her husband left for work on the nightshift, Harris called McCarter on his beeper to alert him. McCarter and Hood sat in a car parked on a nearby street, and Sockwell hid in the bushes next to a stop sign. As the victim stopped his car at the intersection, Sockwell sprang forth and shot him, point blank, with a shotgun. Harris was arrested after questioning, and McCarter agreed to bear witness to the conspiracy in exchange for the prosecutor's promise not to seek the death penalty. McCarter testified that Harris had asked him to kill her husband so they could share in his death benefits, which totaled about $250,000.

Shonda Johnson-

I wrote to Shonda for several years. I do not feel that she is guilty. I truley belive that her boyfriend/3rd husband committed the murder. BUT I posted the above picture she gave me on this blog and her overprotective sister harrassed me for days over it. I havent spoken to shonda since 2006 or so. Johnson was convicted in 1999 of the shooting death of Randy McCullar in a church parking lot in rural Walker County on Nov. 30, 1997. The capital murder charge involved killing a person who had been a grand jury witness. Testimony at the trial showed that Johnson was still married to McCullar when she married William Howard McIntyre Jr. in 1995 and when she married Tim Richards in 1997. McCullar testified before a grand jury and got Johnson prosecuted for bigamy. He also filed for divorce and custody of their child three weeks before he was killed. Johnson was so mad that she tried to get a former boyfriend she lived with between the McIntyre and Richards weddings to kill McCullar, but he wouldn't. Then she persuaded Richards to cut McCullar's tire while he was in a lounge. According to testimony, Richards and Johnson followed McCullar to a church parking lot, where Johnson gave Richards a loaded gun and got him to kill McCullar. In a plea deal, Richards testified against Johnson.

Patricia Blackmon- 
Patricia Blackmon was 29 years old when she committed the crime that landed her on death row. May 1999, in Dothan Alabama, Patricia Blackmon brutally murdered her two-year-old adopted daughter Dominiqua Bryant.

Tierra Capri Gobble- 

Convicted in 2005 of crushing her infant son's, Cody, head with a deadly strike against his crib. The baby suffered a fractured skull, five broken ribs, broken wrists and numerous bruises. An autopsy showed that he died from head trauma consistent with child abuse.

Christie Scott-
Sentenced to death for the murder of her autistic son. Apparently she drugged her son with sedatives and set the house on fire, killing him in the blaze. This was the fourth fire her home had had. There is much speculation to her guilt though.

All inmates on Alabama death row

Women who have been executed by the state of Alabama-

Phoebe Sheppard was a black girl hung for murder in 1849.

When the Alabama first became a state Pauline McCoy, a black 19 year old girl, was hung for killing a 14 year old white girl, Annie Jordon, for her clothing. She testified that her father killed the girl and brought her clothes home. Pauline was seen wearing them however and arrested. They said she made a jailhouse confession but nothing was very clear.
New York Times article October 1888

On Jan. 24, 1930, Alabama executed Silena Gilmore of Jefferson County for murder. She frequently told her captors and anyone else who would listen that she was drunk when she committed her crime and that corn whiskey was the devil. Drunk and unruly, she went into a restaurant and ordered food. She felt the food took to long to prepare and she began to raise hell. She and was asked to leave by a white waiter. She went home got a loaded shotgun, came back and shot the waiter.

When she was executed in the electric chair she sang hymns and told witnesses that corn whiskey was the devil.

Rhonda Belle Martin was a Montgomery, Alabama waitress. She was accused and convicted of poisoning her mother, three children and two husbands. In spite of testimony that Martin suffered from schizophrenia, she was put to death at Kilby Prison in Montgomery Count on Oct. 11, 1957.

Earle Dennison , a widow and surgical nurse from Wetumpka was the first white woman to be executed in Alabama. She also poisoned a child related to her. She poisoned her 2-year-old niece and died in the same electric chair at Kilby on Sept. 4, 1953.

All of these women are housed at the Lumley Unit of the
ASPC - Perryville
P.O. Box 3000
Goodyear, AZ 85395

Wendi Andriano 19152
Shawna Forde

Shawna Forde was convicted in the murders of a little girl and her father because she thought they were illegal aliens. She says that isn't true and she was just targeted because she made such a strong force in the anti-immigration world and her policies worked. Shawna is an active contributor to this blog. 

Wendi Adriano was convicted of killing her husband for the insurance money.

                           All inmates on Arizona Death Row

The only woman actually executed in Arizona was Eva Dugan, 49, who was hanged Feb. 21, 1930 for the 1927 butchering of Tucson rancher Andrew J. Mathis. The reason being may be that it was grotesquely botched. Evan was accidentally decapitated. The promptly switched to the gas chamber as a more humane method of execution. The evidence against her was actually all circumstantial. The victim was her ex boss who had recently fired her and the person who had the deceased car said Eva sold it to him.


Lavinia Burnett was the first woman executed by the state of Arkansas in 1845. She was accused and convicted of the murder of a neighbor who was known to have large sums of cash in his home. Like most women on death row ever since, Lavina did not murder Johnathon Sibley. Her son John and her nephew were the killers but Lavinia and her husband Crawford knew about and went to participate.
Lavinia’s daughter told authorities of the plan the rest of her family was involved in. Her mother and father were arrested immediately but brother John stayed on the lamb for a while. Lavinia and John were hung from the gallows where the National Cemetery is now in Fayetteville, Arkansas. John was soon caught and followed his parents to the gallows. Lavinia, in 1845, was the only woman Arkansas killed until 2000 when they executed Christina Riggs.

Christina Marie Riggs
Christina Marie Riggs (September 2, 1971 – May 2, 2000)  was convicted of the November 4, 1997, murder of her two preschool-aged children, Justin and Shelby Alexis Riggs, in their beds. Her plan to murder her children involved giving them Elavil to sedate them and then undiluted potassium chloride . The potassium chloride was not diluted properly and it burned her son's veins, causing terrible pain but not death. She eventually smothered him and then her daughter Shelby. The defense said she did so without injecting her, after seeing the pain that the drug caused her son. She took the children, and laid them on her bed, covered them with a blanket, and wrote suicide notes She attempted to commit suicide by tak Elavil pills, and injecting herself with undiluted potassium chloride. Nineteen hours later, Riggs' mother discovered her unconscious, but still alive, on the floor of her home.
Christina was suffering from a very deep depression. Her note explained she planned to kill herself and did not want to have her children split up after her own suicide because they had different fathers.
At her June 1998 trial, Riggs contended she was not guilty by reason of insanity, but the Pulaski County jury convicted her. During the penalty phase, Riggs would not allow attorneys to put on a defense, saying she wanted a death sentence. Coincidentally, she was executed with a potassium chloride injection, the same substance with which she attempted to kill her children.
Her statement before execution began: "No words can express just how sorry I am for taking the lives of my babies. No way I can make up for or take away the pain I have caused everyone who knew and loved them. Her last words were, "I love you, my babies."


Check out THIS link for a slide-show of women on California Death Row.

Rosie Alfaro, sentenced in 1992 for  the murder of 9 year old Autumn Wallace. Alfaro was allowed inside the home of young Autumn because she recognized Alfaro as a past guest, an acquaintance of her older sister. Autumn was home alone, waiting for her sister and mom to return from work, when Alfaro arrived and asked if she could come inside to use the restroom. Alfaro, who was 18 years old, pregnant, and high on cocaine and heroin, needed another fix, burgled the Wallace home, to garner cash to purchase drugs. When Alfaro originally planned to approach the Wallace home, she did not expect to find anyone home; when she found Autumn at home, she then realized she would have to kill her because she would know who committed the burglary. Alfaro stabbed Autumn 57 times, and then proceeded to take anything and everything of apparent value. She later changed her original confession and stated that an unidentified male accomplice forced her to start stabbing the girl, and then he finished the slaying. Alfaro has never identified the male; police and the Orange County Prosecutor say he never existed.

Dora Buenrostro
Dora Buenrostro was sentenced to death on Oct 2, 1998 for the murder of Latina females ages 4 and 9 and Latino male age 8 (her children) in San Jacinto on Oct 25 and 27, 1994. Stabbed. Then tried to frame her husband for the killings. First killing was two days before the other two.
Celeste Simone Carrington
Sentenced to death on Nov 23, 1994 for the murders of a Hispanic man aged 34 on Jan 26, 1992 in San Carlos and a Hispanic woman aged 36 on Mar 11, 1192 in Palo Alto during burglaries. A third robbery victim, shot by Carrington three times, survived and testified against her. Carrington claimed that her lover forced her to commit the crimes so that she could give him money.

Socorro "Cora" Caro, 42, Nov. 22, 1999 after a fight with her husband, Xavier Caro, 52, a Northridge physician, killed her sleeping children , Joey, 11, Michael, 8 and Christopher, 5 with a .38 caliber handgun. Caro shot herself in the head but survived. An infant, was unharmed. Xavier arrived home to the bodies of his 3 children and wounded wife. Socorro who originally contended her husband killed her children, and shot her. pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity.

Cynthia Coffman
Coffman and James Marlow were accused of killing four women in October–November 1986. They were arrested on November 14, 1986,following which Coffman confessed to the murders.They were put on trial in July 1989, and in 1990 sentenced to death, Coffman being the first woman to receive a death sentence in California since the reinstatement of the death penalty in 1977.A further trial in 1992 convicted her for another murder with a sentence of life imprisonment. Cyntia used to write to me but got pissed when I put some of her photos on the blog even though I told her about it. Paranoia can run rampant in prison. 

Kerry and sister Torrie

 Kerry Dalton

Kerry Dalton was sentenced to death for the murder and torture of   Irene ("Melanie") Louise May but there was no body, and only circumstantial evidence. Death. No body, and only circumstantial evidence. Let that sink in. 

Please keep in mind that this blog often has comments and statements directly from the women on death row. Statements of grief, statements of innocence, statements of regret and sorrow. If bearing audience to these women's feelings, my opinions or those of commenters offends you please do not read on.

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