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Am I still a writer when all Ive written for a month is a whole truck load of press release internet regurgitation infomercials? I needed the money. I made more money this week than my husband made all month. I took another assignment of them. 21500 words in two weeks.It takes a toll on the house when I do this. Nothing runs very smoothly and of course that is my fault. No one has clean clothes and the dished pile up. I get more and more stressed as the deadline comes near. I need a better plan or a more efficient routine. The three big kids are in school during the day, leaving three little ones here with me. I would like to loose 20 lbs in the next 12 weeks. I wonder if thats possible. There are so many other writing projects that I want to get in line for before the end of the month and I still have press releases to go. Should I be writing instead of blogging? Should I be playing with the kids instead of writing? Maybe I should be finishing the Catholic Home Study Course
I love watching 70's detective shows like Starsky and Hutch, Chips and BJ and the bear. But I really love The Rockford Files. I am mesmerized by the clothes, cars and turns of phrase. I marveled today as Jim stood at a cigarette vending machine next to a playground and pushed 70 cents into the slot for his pack of Lucky Strikes. The bad guy wore a orange, striped suit with a yellow shirt and fat dotted green tie. His lapel reached his sholders. I like Rockfords bit of wit here and there and the tough guy talk. "You laid some bad paper on me, lady" he told a woman whose check bounced. That shit tickles the hell out of me. Why is that ya think? My letter to Antoinette Frank went out today. She told me some time ago about her father molesting her and the anger she had for her mother. But her last letter said that she visited her at christmas and things were much better for her. I watched an A&E documentary on the prison she is in. The interviewed her and gave
I picked up the police reports from the jail today. I usually do this on Wednesdays for my job at the newspaper. I go into the jail and they let me back in the little room beside the booking cell. Usually its a fun time when this silly young cop named Tudor makes me laugh and I marvel at this young woman cop's British accent(what in the hell is she doing HERE of all places!!..) and I socialize and bullshit with the cops and the Captain. But today they brought in a girl while I was there. She was wailing and crying and hysterical. The young British cop chick had to don gloves and pat her down and the poor girl wailed like a squashed cat. I felt so sorry for her. It gave me an odd feeling seeing all these police officers Ive grown to see as fun and cool people turn cold and business-like. Sure I know its their job but I couldnt help feeling creeped out by it. Its kinda like the feeling I get watching the Sopranos. I love Tony and Christopher. I admire Carmella's big masion