Am I still a writer when all Ive written for a month is a whole truck load of press release internet regurgitation infomercials?
I needed the money. I made more money this week than my husband made all month.
I took another assignment of them. 21500 words in two weeks.It takes a toll on the house when I do this. Nothing runs very smoothly and of course that is my fault. No one has clean clothes and the dished pile up.
I get more and more stressed as the deadline comes near.
I need a better plan or a more efficient routine.
The three big kids are in school during the day, leaving three little ones here with me.
I would like to loose 20 lbs in the next 12 weeks. I wonder if thats possible.
There are so many other writing projects that I want to get in line for before the end of the month and I still have press releases to go.
Should I be writing instead of blogging?
Should I be playing with the kids instead of writing?
Maybe I should be finishing the Catholic Home Study Course I started last week.

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  1. I am terrible at time management. I developed bad habits in college and thrived on the 3 am essay because somewhere in my mind I thought I was doing what I should do, stress out and write under the deadline. It was all me glamourizing journalism and writing.


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