I love watching 70's detective shows like Starsky and Hutch, Chips and BJ and the bear.
But I really love The Rockford Files. I am mesmerized by the clothes, cars and turns of phrase.
I marveled today as Jim stood at a cigarette vending machine next to a playground and pushed 70 cents into the slot for his pack of Lucky Strikes.
The bad guy wore a orange, striped suit with a yellow shirt and fat dotted green tie. His lapel reached his sholders.
I like Rockfords bit of wit here and there and the tough guy talk.
"You laid some bad paper on me, lady" he told a woman whose check bounced.
That shit tickles the hell out of me. Why is that ya think?

My letter to Antoinette Frank went out today.
She told me some time ago about her father molesting her and the anger she had for her mother.
But her last letter said that she visited her at christmas and things were much better for her.
I watched an A&E documentary on the prison she is in. The interviewed her and gave some background on her case. She looks much different than her mug shot.
Shes so soft spoken to for a cop that killed her partner.
Thats such a movie of the week its hard to believe that it was her from her letters.
She wrote an article for the death row newsletter. If I ever get t he time to put out another one.

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