I picked up the police reports from the jail today. I usually do this on Wednesdays for my job at the newspaper. I go into the jail and they let me back in the little room beside the booking cell.
Usually its a fun time when this silly young cop named Tudor makes me laugh and I marvel at this young woman cop's British accent(what in the hell is she doing HERE of all places!!..)
and I socialize and bullshit with the cops and the Captain. But today they brought in a girl while I was there. She was wailing and crying and hysterical. The young British cop chick had to don gloves and pat her down and the poor girl wailed like a squashed cat.
I felt so sorry for her. It gave me an odd feeling seeing all these police officers Ive grown to see as fun and cool people turn cold and business-like.
Sure I know its their job but I couldnt help feeling creeped out by it.
Its kinda like the feeling I get watching the Sopranos.
I love Tony and Christopher. I admire Carmella's big masion and nice clothes.

I root for them against Johnny Sacks but when Adrianna got killed I was stunned.
They really arnt such nice guys.

I guess what Im learning these days is that the good guys arnt always good and the bad guys arnt always bad.

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