They arrested a sexual predator living across the street from a local school this week.
I got the story first! Yah me!

His name is Donald Lee Vernon and he lived 374 feet from an elementary school. State law says they must live/work at least 1000 feet from any building housing children.

Whatta sicko.

STILL in this suite. They will only give me clean towels and sheets once a week. With 4 children in the room that is almost torture. At least indecent treatment.

Ive given up in this finance company and am considering printing their name so everyone can write to them and ask why they are so retarded.

So, Im back in the world of renters. Looking for aplace to rent with 6 children is like pissing into the wind. It really doesnt get you anywhere.


  1. Wow! Look at you, guess I've got some stuff to catch up on. Glad you got the "scoop" ;)

  2. ps. LOVE the new pic. You are gorgeous and it is very fitting for the change you are going through right now. Dark, quiet, thinking... nice pic!


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