Teen Mom Charged With Homicide after Baby Drowns in Bucket of Vomit

The 18-year-old woman went to sleep with the baby at her side, but soon started throwing up in a bucket next to her bed filled with cleaning solution and water...

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  1. Sounds to me as if some holier-than-thous have found a way to punish her for being a single mother.

    I bet if she were married and middle-class that the law wouldn't go after her.

    The story was taken down before I had the chance to read it, but I'm assuming that this was an accidental death.

    We had a case in Indiana where a child was removed from a home where the parents weren't married. I believe some trumped-up charges of neglect were placed on at least the mother.

    Ironically, while in foster care, this toddler got out in the middle of the night and drowned in the family pool.

    The grieving mother made the statement that nothing like this had happened in the almost two years that her child was in her home and that it was ironic that it would happen in the "safe" home to where he had been taken.

    As for the foster parents...they weren't charged with a thing. It was just--according to authorities--an "unfortunate" accident.

    I believe that the toddler's birth parents should have sued the system that removed the child from their home!


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