Ive had some emails lately asking about Shonda Johnson.
No, she is no longer on death row.
The main reason for this is becuase she is innocent. Her case was the biggest bunch of bullshit that I have seen in a while.

At any rate, the Equal Justic Initiative became involved and she now sits in a Alabama jail in her hometown. Hopefully she will return home before long.

Her case is especailly scary becuase what happened to her could very well happen to anyone.

He husband murdered her ex husband and in order to take a plea he involved her in his crime. Telling police she was present at the time. Not ony was she not present but she had evidence of such which was suppressed.

Scary stuff.


  1. Sadly, the Alabama Supreme Court reinstated Shonda's death sentence last week. Everyone please say a prayer for her and her family.

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