Judge Signs Cathy Henderson Death Warrant
A Travis County judge Monday signed the death warrant for a woman convicted of kidnapping and murdering a 3-month-old boy.
Cathy Lynn Henderson of Pflugerville drew national attention back in 1994 for the disappearance of Brandon Baugh. Henderson was the infant's babysitter. She was arrested in Missouri.

The baby's body was later found in Temple. Henderson was sentenced to death row.

Monday morning, Judge John Wisser said April 18 will be the day Henderson will die.

Now that Judge Wisser has set the execution date, Henderson's attorneys say her case will be appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court. They believe an adequate medical and physchological evaluation was not orignally done to help her defense, because Henderson had no real motive to kill the child.

"She's got friends who came here today to stand by her, so it's not like she's an evil person. We feel her case deservves even more evaluation, and that's just what we're trying to do," said Jani Maselli, Henderson's attorney
Brandon's parents traveled back to Austin Monday. They said they wanted to be in the court room when the execution date was set. Eryn and Melissa Baugh say brandon was so young when he was killed, they never got a chance to know him. They wondered what life would have held for their son.

"Every day she hasn't been executed, we're still living through this. That's something a lot of people don't understand... that we have to live through this every day," said Eryn Baugh, victim's father.

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