The letter from Antoinette Franks brother Adam is interesting. He says:

Yes, I am incarcerated at the infamous Louisana State Penitentiary known as "Angola". Where the rodeos are held. Things have changed considerably from the old days, but theres a few killings and rapes that go on, which are not made known to the public.

Then he goes on later to say:

...I am 6'5 1/2 " tall, and 287 lbs and very muscular built. I am also a 3rd degree black belt in karate. Which along with other aacquired "Special Operational Tactical Skills From The Military And Police Dept Swat Teams," has landed me in High Prority threat to security and High Priority escape risk. Also including the fact that Im a former computer hacker and was a fugitive once for 7 years. I also have many other special skills which surfaced and caused the authorities to wonder how I had aquired them. Kelly, I usually refrain from telling people this about me, becuase it tends to frighten them away thinking that Im a bad person. When I actually am not. I know what I know because I chose to u ndergo the traiing and seek the knowledge. I only use what I know to protect my family and friends whom are sincere and true.

Adam is convicted of "armed robbery".

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