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I havent written anyone yet this year. I am not without hope however beacuse I feel that tell-tale tingle in my brain. Its a tiny tingle that tell me I can write. I have an idea, a thought, a feeling. In any case, its something to work out. I received a letter fro Michelle Byrom in Mississippi. She talks of how worried she is about Lisa Jo Chamberlain- who is no longer the new girl. There is another now to make it a trio of women awaiting Mississppi to pass its final judgement on them. Kristi Fulgham , convicted of killing her husband. Michelle tells of Lisao Jo not having a pillow for her bed. She refuses to ask for one telling Michelle "Im not going to show them I need anything. Ill do without." Michelle goes on to say that Lisa Jo also said "Wouldnt it surprise them if I took all the blame." I have planned to send Lisa Jo the money she needs for her fan and another letter this week.
Im dead in the water. Like big, bloated turd. Im stagnant. I sit and look at my work and get nothing. I have a stack of letters to answer. I think Judy is playing games with me. She knows Im about to ask her for some real answers for the book. She has told me quite a bit in the past but she knows that Im about to ask for something with substance. So I feel her backing off. The past few letters have been stand offish and vague. All about how busy she is and barely has time to write. So Im going to let her cool her heels for a while. Im not sending her anything else or writing for a while. She doesnt have time for me. Im going to concentrate on Lisa Jo. She seems much less moody and actually willing to share her story. I think she has a need to help others. Once you screw up so hard one tends to want to help keep others from doing the same. But what good is this? I cant write! Im not even writing the web content anymore. That company hasnt given me work since November. So that sucks. Im
My first letter of the new year was Lisa Jo Chamberlain! My last letter of 2006 was Chelsea Richardson. Lisa Jo expressed surprise at how fast I returned her letter. I dont usually get to them so fast but I was really interested in her case. She still has not mentioned if she believes herself guilty or innocent but did say that she has been a drug addict and meth has ruled her life for a long time. She talked about the ups and downs of prison life saying that there are days that she can only sleep or cry and other days she vows to change ot her womens lives through her own lessons. She has asked me for $30 for a fan to circulate the heat in her cell. I have heard from Michelle Byrom how frgid it gets in there. She can see her breath in her cell some mornings. If anyone would like to help me out with a few dollars for Lisa Jos fan Id deeply appreciate it. I had a dream last night that I was signing books and police started to bring the girls to me in shackles one by one. Some have alre