Im dead in the water. Like big, bloated turd. Im stagnant. I sit and look at my work and get nothing. I have a stack of letters to answer.
I think Judy is playing games with me. She knows Im about to ask her for some real answers for the book. She has told me quite a bit in the past but she knows that Im about to ask for something with substance. So I feel her backing off. The past few letters have been stand offish and vague. All about how busy she is and barely has time to write.
So Im going to let her cool her heels for a while. Im not sending her anything else or writing for a while. She doesnt have time for me.
Im going to concentrate on Lisa Jo. She seems much less moody and actually willing to share her story. I think she has a need to help others. Once you screw up so hard one tends to want to help keep others from doing the same.

But what good is this? I cant write! Im not even writing the web content anymore. That company hasnt given me work since November. So that sucks. Im have a solid case of writers block. I sometimes feel like Ive never seen the work before. Like it s all a foreign language. I dont know where to begin. I miss Christa, the woman who volunteered hours of her time to read my stuff and correct it and make me do it over. But I havent heard from her in months. Sniff.....
So its up to me to get motivated. Some how.

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  1. I wish I had more experience to offer you some relevant motivation, but from what I have read on your blog you are doing a great job on a very involved project. Keep going (and please don't compare yourself to a turd!!) :)


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