My first letter of the new year was Lisa Jo Chamberlain! My last letter of 2006 was Chelsea Richardson.
Lisa Jo expressed surprise at how fast I returned her letter. I dont usually get to them so fast but I was really interested in her case. She still has not mentioned if she believes herself guilty or innocent but did say that she has been a drug addict and meth has ruled her life for a long time.
She talked about the ups and downs of prison life saying that there are days that she can only sleep or cry and other days she vows to change ot her womens lives through her own lessons.

She has asked me for $30 for a fan to circulate the heat in her cell. I have heard from Michelle Byrom how frgid it gets in there. She can see her breath in her cell some mornings.
If anyone would like to help me out with a few dollars for Lisa Jos fan Id deeply appreciate it.

I had a dream last night that I was signing books and police started to bring the girls to me in shackles one by one. Some have already been executed and were ghostly and dead eyed.
They stood in front of me and asked me for my autograph.

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