I am coasting on a serious guilt trip. I havent written anyone since December. I've gotten three letters at least from Michelle Byrom.

But Ive been writing steadily. I got lucky and received two assignments of copywriting. I worked on that all last week but a sudden storm has caused so many power outages Im reticent to take on any new work.

Michelle has made mention of another new girl on the row in Mississippi.
Kristi Fulgham

Click here for the AP News Story.
She apparently enlisted her 13 year old brother to kill her husband. Insurance was involved. You can find out about the little brother and his quest for freedom here.
Michelle has made several remarks about how uncaring Kristi seems. That she makes remarks about how her husband deserved it etc. Scary stuff.
My thoughts however,are these; if I were in her shoes I would want to be as tough a bitch as I could be.

Additional information is here.

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