International Womens Day is almost here. March 8th.
It is times like this that I want so badly to do something drastic, something dramatic to make the world aware of how our women are being treated in prison.
I get asked everyday why I do the things I do.
Im not a feminist. You wont catch me burning my bra anyway.
I do, however, think the world needs to be aware of what happens to women when those iron bars clang shut.
The truth about how the justice system treats women in this country would scare the shit out of Jane Citizen.
Any woman, anywhere in the country could be in the shoes of any one of these women that I work with. Guilty or not guilty, I am here to tell you that it is more a case of wrong place at the wrong time than it is evidence or proof. Take a look at the next one scheduled to die, Cathy Henderson.
This woman is charged with the murder of a child she was babysitting.
She is mildly retarded with no previous criminal history.
She had been the babysitter for the family for several months when she accidentally dropped the baby while playing with him and killed him. She panicked and ran away with his body and buried it. She is scheduled to die this year.

What about Michelle Byrom? She was in the hospital when her husband was killed. Her son admitted to killing his father after watching his mother abused at his hands for years. Abuse that was well documented in the county. The investigation into this murder was shoddy at best by a lame ass country Sheriff that had many personal issues with Michelle. The mistakes and discrepancies in her case have been commented on by Supreme Court Judges and yet she still sits on death row.

Isnt everyone familiar with Texas mom Darlie Routier? Everyone has seen the infamous "silly string" video of her at her sons grave spraying silly string and blowing bubbles. This video was shown to the jury. Do you know what wasnt shown? The first 15 minuets of the video where she is sobbing uncontrollably and vows to gather herself together enough to celebrate her sons birthday with the toy he loved most. How about that hair that was found at the crime scene that belongs to no one. I would want to know who that belongs to before I convicted her to death, wouldnt you? Texas didnt.

I get mad, I get sad and I get emotional over these women and I wont stop until you do too.

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  1. So you ain't a feminist huh? Do you vote? Do you own a car or property? Do you think women should get equal pay for equal work? All feminism really is about is sex/gender equality. I find it so funny how many women do not see themselves as feminists. I know the problem is when we think of that word it conjours up some man hating knuckle dragging non armpit non leg shaving beast. That is not what it is about. Bra burning in the 60's was a myth a reporter admitted to making up actually.

    Women forced to look/dress a certain way or weigh certain amount or risk being harshly judged for it is wrong. That is a feminist statement. Feminist theories is an invaluable resource or tool when looking or working with women in prison. Marxist feminism looks at women in the work place, health care issues and such. Money is a big deal and if men are making more for the same work, that the hell? Radical feminism (these might be you knuckle draggers here:) attack the hierarchy that men are better or superior to women. That view of men are better then women is still a popular view in our society. How many women are incarcerated because they attacked their abusive spouse or boyfriend? That is a power issue a male tried to maintain over her and when she fought back she is out of line (so say the courts and most of society). That is a strong feminist issue. As a male I will sit here and proudly say I am a feminist, a woman has a right to being seen and treated as a gender equal to that of males.

    Watch Fox or CNN and see if either even mention International Women's Day. Maybe a peep if anything at all.


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