Spring break is fast approaching and Im trying to decide who I will visit. I had planned to visit Shonda Johnson but since her overbearing sister has forbid her to write to me because I had the (GASP!) audacity to mention that she had indeed been married to 3 men at the same time (um... wasnt that brought out in trial or did I break the news?) even though I don't see that as reason enough to assume she was guilty when she so obviously wasnt.
Anywho- Ill have to pick another. I havent heard from Judy or Annette lately. So I may go to Mississippi.

Ive been searching high and low for a website to give me a decent rate and I found this one: Hotel Reservations
I am REALLY impressed with the prices and options on this site. Ive been checking the distances to various prisons and the prices on this site compared to others. ROCK ON!

I have found deals on hotels, motels, resorts, vacation rentals and all kinds of stuff.This really opens my options up. Im thinking of perhaps finding a central location to several prisons and staying for a week or more. This place is making it easy because there are so many incredible deals. Im impressed.


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  2. Why do you need Christi's approval to visit? IF you are on Shonda's visitors list and she wants you to visit then just go. You better make sure you are on that list or they will NOT let you in to visit. For the record Shonda is very firm in her statements that she was not married to three men at one time. I agree with you however, if she was it wouldn't make her guilty.

    Let me ask you this question about the book you want to write about women on death row. You said in a previous post that you are dead in the water. What do you want the goal or purpose of the book to be? Do you want to relate their stories, sorta like a collection of true crime or more of a position against the death penalty? What do you what to convey? That will be the first step. Another will be that of ethics since you are using living people. Many state corrections have their own IRB (Institutional Review Board) that reviews and approves or denies any media stuff. What is written even through letters have grave ethically implications for the woman. I'll explain if you want me too. Anyhow enjoy visiting whomever it is you choose to visit.


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