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I went through so much crap already with Cynthia Coffman and especially Michelle Tharp that Im a little leary now that Ive heard from Michelle Byrom again. She writes that Lisa Jo Chamberlain has complained that I havent written her after I told her I would help her. Michelle writes; "Lisa doesnt show a bit of remorse. She says they all deserve it and doesnt care. She has paled up with the other new girl here and they are together a lot. She told me she was going to write to a bad letter becuase you hadnt written her. I yelled at her becaUSE NO ONE IS GOING TO BAD MOUTH YOU AROUND ME." Sweet. I plan to write Lisa and let her know that I dont care if she is guilty or not. I simply think humans should be treated like humans. Regardless of their actions or other people thoughts. I think Ive got a live one.
Im agonizing, fretting,sweating and pacing the floor.I've written, revised and rewritten this proposal. I cant tell if its good or not. Im scared and excited and I think Im going to puke. I was going to mail it today but I ran out of ink. On the way to the post office I caught three typos while my husband drove. Thank God I didnt mail it. So I corrected them rearranged a few paragraphs and installed the ink cartridge. Now the kids are home from school and I have cooking, cleaning and homework help to perform. Then theres more cleaning and wifely duties.The kids go to bed around 8 so Ill be able to work then. I hope. Trtistan is 20 months old and still doesnt sleep all night. But, Ill give it one last run through and send it off with a hope and a prayer. I have a new content assignment of twenty articles on affiliate programs and I couldnt be happier. Its an assignment that Im familiar with and love to learn more about. Does it get better than that?
In John Warners book Fondling Your Muse he gives a quiz to tell if your a real writer. One of the questions is "Do you find a way to tell everyone that your a writer no matter what the context? For example, when your dry cleaner asks if you want starch do you say "Im a writer, you know?" or when you take your car in for a tune up do you say something like "As a mechanic you fix cars; as a writer, I fix the human soul." I read that last night as I was contemplating my next blog post. Turning over in my head the different ways that I could annouce to the masses that I have been asked for a proposal by an agent! Oh Joy! Not just any agency either, but the very presitgous PMA Peter Miller Agency! They called me Stacy but said the work was interesting and they would be willing to look at the proposal. I hope they mean me. My greatest wish at this point is that they will reject it with a few usable comments. It makes life so much more livable. I feel like one of tho
Ive been tagged! This is my first meme ever. Nobody loves me but Harmony! snifff... I believe that this is the most worthwhile meme of all. Keeping your kids safe on the net. Im tagged The Chaos Mommy and Not Your Grandmas Gray Hair to keep it going. Its all explained in this: An Open Letter to Bloggers Around the World: Help Make the Web Safer for Children Power Blogger has said: Just to make things clear: this is not a campaign against pornography as a whole this is not about restricting legitimate free speech and legal commerce this is a common sense request to all the “adult site” webmasters: password-protected login on porn sites for all the explicit materials, no more “free clips”, “free tours”, “free pics” without login!
I watched the WE Networks show " Women on Death Row " the other night. I was really excited because when WE first started researching this program they contacted the support group I belong to and told us all about it. Sister Kathleen and Christa Pikes sweet mom are both part of this great group. I was excited to see Carissa, God has put on this planet. I was disappointed in the program though. I had spoken to the girls I wrote to and three of them agreed to be a part of the program. Instead of contacting me they used some girls that werent even on death row anymore and some were not very forthcoming. They used Sister Kathleen, thank goodness for that or there would have been very little of interest. Christa Pike did a fine job. They let her have her say and I felt good about that. I feel so badly for her mother. She has often said how long she tried to get Christa help and was always turned away. That alone should take her off death row.