I watched the WE Networks show "Women on Death Row" the other night. I was really excited because when WE first started researching this program they contacted the support group I belong to and told us all about it. Sister Kathleen and Christa Pikes sweet mom are both part of this great group.

I was excited to see Carissa, God has put on this planet. I was disappointed in the program though. I had spoken to the girls I wrote to and three of them agreed to be a part of the program. Instead of contacting me they used some girls that werent even on death row anymore and some were not very forthcoming.

They used Sister Kathleen, thank goodness for that or there would have been very little of interest. Christa Pike did a fine job. They let her have her say and I felt good about that. I feel so badly for her mother. She has often said how long she tried to get Christa help and was always turned away. That alone should take her off death row.

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