I went through so much crap already with Cynthia Coffman and especially Michelle Tharp that Im a little leary now that Ive heard from Michelle Byrom again. She writes that Lisa Jo Chamberlain has complained that I havent written her after I told her I would help her. Michelle writes; "Lisa doesnt show a bit of remorse. She says they all deserve it and doesnt care. She has paled up with the other new girl here and they are together a lot. She told me she was going to write to a bad letter becuase you hadnt written her. I yelled at her becaUSE NO ONE IS GOING TO BAD MOUTH YOU AROUND ME."


I plan to write Lisa and let her know that I dont care if she is guilty or not. I simply think humans should be treated like humans. Regardless of their actions or other people thoughts.

I think Ive got a live one.

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