Im agonizing, fretting,sweating and pacing the floor.I've written, revised and rewritten this proposal. I cant tell if its good or not. Im scared and excited and I think Im going to puke.
I was going to mail it today but I ran out of ink. On the way to the post office I caught three typos while my husband drove. Thank God I didnt mail it.
So I corrected them rearranged a few paragraphs and installed the ink cartridge.
Now the kids are home from school and I have cooking, cleaning and homework help to perform. Then theres more cleaning and wifely duties.The kids go to bed around 8 so Ill be able to work then. I hope.
Trtistan is 20 months old and still doesnt sleep all night.

But, Ill give it one last run through and send it off with a hope and a prayer.

I have a new content assignment of twenty articles on affiliate programs and I couldnt be happier. Its an assignment that Im familiar with and love to learn more about. Does it get better than that?

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