In John Warners book Fondling Your Muse he gives a quiz to tell if your a real writer. One of the questions is
"Do you find a way to tell everyone that your a writer no matter what the context? For example, when your dry cleaner asks if you want starch do you say "Im a writer, you know?" or when you take your car in for a tune up do you say something like "As a mechanic you fix cars; as a writer, I fix the human soul."

I read that last night as I was contemplating my next blog post. Turning over in my head the different ways that I could annouce to the masses that I have been asked for a proposal by an agent! Oh Joy! Not just any agency either, but the very presitgous PMA Peter Miller Agency! They called me Stacy but said the work was interesting and they would be willing to look at the proposal. I hope they mean me. My greatest wish at this point is that they will reject it with a few usable comments. It makes life so much more livable. I feel like one of those pathetic girl friends that refuses to accept the break up. Following the guy around saying "Just tell me why? What did I do? I can do better!"

I've also picked up another content writing spot that looks pretty steady and that thrills the shit out of me.

Also, Im president of the MOMS Club in my city and we have a meeting coming up on the 21rst that is fairly important. I love that club.

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  1. Wohoo! I'm glad to see things are on the upswing for you :) Keep us updated on getting an agent.


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