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Hiya readers, I have a few thoughts to dispell this afternoon. If all goes well I will be caught up on Monday morning. You will tune into the RuralWriter Blog Monday morning and read all about how fantasically productive the weekend was. I have to polish up the Michelle Byrom chapter for my potential agent. Im also writing Chelsea Richardson and Lisajo Chamberlain. I swear. Im interested to see if Lisa Jo curses me out and tells me to gent bent like she told Michelle that she was.
I had no idea when I began to write about my thoughts on Paul Bernardo that it would cause such a stir. But I have recieved so much feedback I am surprised. Ive had several letters and phone calls about what a monster he is. I know this guys. Really I do. But the thing is, and I dont know why it is, but I feel that he is not really that person deep inside. If he hadnt of lived the childhood that he did and if he could get someone who is qualified to help him. I feel that he is so sick that something serious has to be wrong. He has a need for therapy and medicine. If this happens, maybe he will not be the same person but the one he was supposed to be- the one he really is. I focus most of my work on wo men because I am a woman. I have lived a hard life. I saw some of the most horrific sights that a child can see and when I was a teenager I acted out in massive ways. I've been to jail, Ive done drugs, Ive seen people stabbed and shot. I can honestly say that had I had a different ch
Today sucks. It should not. I should be ecstatic. I got a very encouraging letter from an agent yesterday. Not only did she NOT say "No" but gave me a very firm "Maybe". She asked a few questions about the book and my focus which seems to be the $24,000 question. I thought it was rather self evident but it is not. I get that question a lot. Anyway, I am unhappy because I found out today that n ot only will the IRS not give me a Earned Income Credit they are taking the rest of my tax rebate for bills my husband owed before we were married. This really sucks because my sons birthday is Friday. Im flat broke. That makes me sad. Not to mention Im hungry. They dont call us Starving Writers for nothing. So, Im going to work on this book some more today and drink a lot of water and pretend that Im just on a diet.
I did it! Whew, back in the swing of things. I wrote to Judy and Michelle today. I had been putting it off because of some health issues that I had. But I dont know if t hey will improve so I did anyway. Im still so behind. But its a start. Now I will begin on another newsletter and write to a few mo re I havent in w while. I owe Cheslsea Richards a letter and Lisa Jo Chamberlain. I need to write Adam Frank and Randy Wood as well. I found the address to Paul Bernardo. I want to write him but Im really afraid of him. Does he get therapy? What are Canadian laws about?
Do you believe in the law of attraction? That whatever you think hard enough about will eventually come to fruition? I have no clue but I do know that it seems that every time I think hard enough about one of the girls I get a letter. This week alone I recieved a letter from Judy, Adam Frank and Michelle Byrom. Adam says that he believes why I havent written is because I am married and he is black. Hm. Judy and Michelle both write worried. I havent written to anyne in months. Before Christmas actually. Thats terrible. I will write them this weekend and then send them all on Monday. Friday I watched the movie, Karla, about Karla Holmolka and Paul Bernardo.They are the Canadian serial killer couple that raped and killed a multitude of women including Karlas own little sister Tammy. It was just a mater of time before this story was made into a movie. "Hot" Donna from That 70's Show plays Karla. I think a friend of hers must have made that movie becuase it makes her out to be
I got a new laptop and for some reason I cant always log in here. Something will have to be done though because I end up going weeks without being able to post. Urg. Cathy Hendersons execution has been put off. Thank God. If anyone can tell me how you execute a mentally ill person with a clear concience please let me know. Until then I believe that killing that woman is wrong. Antoinette Frank has not written me in months. I wonder two things: 1 is that our last letter was her telling me not to publish a article about her amazing faith in a magazine. She asked me to keep her name out of my work and I havent heard from her since. I have written her once more. and I also wonder 2 I havent written to her brother Adam since Christmas. I wonder if she is ticked off about that. I hope not. I havent written anyone. I plan to write Judy today thou. The poor girl has written me twice and I havent written her at all. She is really worried. Michelle Byrom has also written with concern. Ive had so