Do you believe in the law of attraction? That whatever you think hard enough about will eventually come to fruition?
I have no clue but I do know that it seems that every time I think hard enough about one of the girls I get a letter.
This week alone I recieved a letter from Judy, Adam Frank and Michelle Byrom.

Adam says that he believes why I havent written is because I am married and he is black. Hm.
Judy and Michelle both write worried.

I havent written to anyne in months. Before Christmas actually. Thats terrible.
I will write them this weekend and then send them all on Monday.

Friday I watched the movie, Karla, about Karla Holmolka and Paul Bernardo.They are the Canadian serial killer couple that raped and killed a multitude of women including Karlas own little sister Tammy.
It was just a mater of time before this story was made into a movie. "Hot" Donna from That 70's Show plays Karla.
I think a friend of hers must have made that movie becuase it makes her out to be an angel of some sort. Its true she was abused but what I dont get is this:

Any abused woman I ever knew met and fell in love with a perfect gentleman. It wasnt until years later that the ass would start to abuse her. It takes a while for the true colors to show, you see. They have to pull you in.
Karla on the other hand states that Paul began to abuse her immedietly. He would beat and torture her in their early days.
So, If you went on a first date with someone and they beat the shit out of you, or stuck a road flare up your ass or attached your nipples to the battery cables- would you be up for that second date?
Not I.
Karlas childhood was, by all accounts, happy and joyfull.
Go figure.
Paul, on the other hand, was a product of an affair raised by a pedofile that made big news in his hometown. Try that on for size.
She pleaded out to 12 years in prison- he got life no parole.
She was released in 2005 but get this-
She could not get parole early because she creeped out all her therapists. So after her full 12 years she gets released and the judge decided that she is still a danger to society and tried to apply restrictions to her parole.
It couldnt legally stick and she was set free. Now going by the name she previously used as an ailas, she recently had a baby in feb 07.

Anyway, the moral of this story is that I want to know Paul. That could be dangerous . He hates women. I dont know much about Canadian law. They dont have the death penalty b ut does he get therapy?

Should I? Do I dare?

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