I did it! Whew, back in the swing of things. I wrote to Judy and Michelle today.
I had been putting it off because of some health issues that I had. But I dont know if t hey will improve so I did anyway.
Im still so behind. But its a start.

Now I will begin on another newsletter and write to a few mo re I havent in w while. I owe Cheslsea Richards a letter and Lisa Jo Chamberlain. I need to write Adam Frank and Randy Wood as well. I found the address to Paul Bernardo. I want to write him but Im really afraid of him.

Does he get therapy? What are Canadian laws about?


  1. I'm noy sure of the Canadian laws on therapy. But as a young Canadian woman having grown up close to where Bernardo lived and preyed this is my take: the fear & disgust his name generates - skip the letter. He is too scary and doesn't deserve your attention or time.

  2. I know that in places like Sweden and Norway they completly rehabilitate killers. I thought maybe Canada was like that. I know that Paul had an extremely wierd and tramatic childhood which could explain a lot.
    Thanks for your comments. I understand what your saying.


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