I got a new laptop and for some reason I cant always log in here. Something will have to be done though because I end up going weeks without being able to post. Urg.

Cathy Hendersons execution has been put off. Thank God. If anyone can tell me how you execute a mentally ill person with a clear concience please let me know. Until then I believe that killing that woman is wrong.

Antoinette Frank has not written me in months. I wonder two things:
1 is that our last letter was her telling me not to publish a article about her amazing faith in a magazine. She asked me to keep her name out of my work and I havent heard from her since. I have written her once more.
and I also wonder
2 I havent written to her brother Adam since Christmas. I wonder if she is ticked off about that. I hope not. I havent written anyone.

I plan to write Judy today thou. The poor girl has written me twice and I havent written her at all. She is really worried. Michelle Byrom has also written with concern. Ive had some health concerns lately and Ive not wanted to really tell anyone. I get so carried away in those letters. I tell most of my private life as they are telling me theirs. I feel close to them.

Michelle Byrom and her information on Lisa Jo Chamberlain have me very curious. I want to get back to my relationship with Lisa Jo and see how that pans out.

I recenly saw a picture of Beth Markman. I used to write to her a few years ago but she stopped writing to me. I know that she is a con artist of the utmost ranking. She played me for information and then made me out to be some kind of monster. It was an experience. She had me all torn up. I had to consult Sister Kathleen O'Shae for guidance. I was really confused.

The proposal is out to PMA (Peter Miller Agency) and I havent heard a thing. But that isnt the trouble. The trouble is that Ive had a real epiphany in the last week. A woman at the Absolute Write forums replied to a question I had. She gave such a stirring responsse that I could have cried. I sat there after reading it for aout a whole minuete. I read it again and then all of a sudden I could see the book.I could see a full outline. I could see whole chapters. Future sentences were forming and I was frantically opening the nearest notebook. I even see a tentative timeline. Cool.
Heres where the problem comes in. PMA has the old wandering, baseless crappy edition. I also just got a request for the proposal from Praeger Publishing. Should I give them the ready proposal and crappy sample? Or how long will they wait for the revamped, super studdly edition?
Damn it man.

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