Im sure Randy Wood has wondered what happened to me. I think I last wrote him in December or so. In his last letter he talked about his visit with his wife. He asked me questions about what Christmas morning was like with such a big family.

He mentioned that cigarettes were $1.68 a pack when he got locked up.

I hope he is well and I hope that he has gotten his priveledges from being a model prisoner for 10 years. I cant wait to hear from him.

I gave my brother $100 last night and told him to take my husband and my dad out for a night on the town. For Fathers day. Hubby came dragging in about 3 am. Then my dad called this morning and said he had a headache as wide as all outdoors and that he kissed my ex-husbands new girlfriend at the bar. From what I hear, it was a real movie star kiss. Bent over backwards, foot in the air smackaroo. Im sorry I missed that.

I sat at home alone with a bottle of champagne and a tray of sushi. Not to terrible.

Im still debating if I should write to Paul Bernardo. I tremble when I thin of the abuse he went through as a child. But I have to say that I am afraid of him. He is a very scary individual to me.

I have almost a full two chapters of my book written WooHoo!Has anyone ever seen those things that show how much youve written and how far you have yet to go? I see them on everyones blogs and I want one.

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